It is important for us to provide an opportunity to help organizations online, so the selfless support is thus available in the virtual space as well.

To do this, you don’t have to buy anything from us, all you have to do is transfer as much money to the organization via PayPal as you can help with now.

It can be any amount as they can always do with some help, the amount will arrive directly at their account.

Thank you very much on their behalf as well.

BirdLife Hungary

MME/BirdLife Hungary is the oldest and largest nature conservation NGO in Central-Eastern Europe, with almost 10.000 members, a nationwide network of 30 local groups, hundreds of volunteers and more, than 100 conservational actions and projects each year.

MME is the leading non-profit, apolitical, charitable, nature conservation organization in Hungary.  The Society undertakes practical work to conserve Hungary’s biodiversity based on sound scientific research.  MME advocates effective conservation of birds and their habitats by government at a national and local level and supports this work through educational programmes and its membership, which is open to all who share our goals.  MME works internationally as a member of the BirdLife International Partnership.