Payment methods

Bank card payment

We do not charge a cash management fee when choosing the online credit card payment method.

With credit card payment you can shop online quickly, safely and conveniently. With credit card payment, you can easily pay for the products on the Barion payment site. Our Webshop will receive an instant confirmation of your payment.

With a credit card payment method, you can pay for your ordered products immediately at the end of the order process. You can use any debit/credit card that has been authorized by the issuing bank for online payment. Card security is guaranteed by Barion’s SSL encrypted payment page. After completing your purchase, we will also confirm the payment result via email and send you the so-called transaction ID. This number identifies credit card payment to the bank.

Credit card payment process:

If, during the order process of the product, you have selected the credit card payment option in the „Payment method” menu, after clicking the „Submit order” button our webshop will redirect you to the Barion secure payment page where you can enter your credit card details.

During the payment process, the bank will verify the information you provided within a few seconds, and after the payment, the Barion site will redirect you to our website, where you will receive an automatic confirmation of the transaction.

In the case of online credit card payment, the order can only be received after successful payment.

Bank transfer (not available)

A convenient and secure non-cash payment method other than credit card payment is bank transfer, which is prepaid. Once you have placed your order, our Webshop will send an automated email to the email address you provided, containing all the information required for the transfer (our Webshop account number, your order total, etc.). Once you have transferred the amount and we received it, we will confirm the payment.

In the case of a prepayment, the invoice will be issued in the manner detailed in the cash payment method.

In the case of advance payment, you have 2 business days to pay for the product and any shipping charges. If you do not transfer the amount within 2 business days, our Webshop will automatically cancel your order.

When making a bank transfer, please always enter the payment ID and the order number – you provided in the e-mail sent by our Web Store when you placed your order confirmation – in the remark section.

Bank account number: 12010659-00150972-00100003 – Raiffeisen Bank

International bank account number (IBAN): HU09 1201 0659 0015 0972 0010 0003


If you choose prepay by wire, you will not be charged a cash management fee.

PayPal online payment (not available)

PayPal is the safest way to pay online.

PayPal is a financial institution specialized in e-commerce, providing cashless payment services.

PayPal maintains an electronic invoice for its customers, which they can charge via credit card, bank transfer or debit order from their retail or business bank accounts.

You do not need to provide confidential credit card or bank account information when making purchases online, just use your PayPal username and password to complete your payment.

Simple, fast, secure, popular, inexpensive, useful, and prevalent solution for webshop orders too.

When you would like to pay for the selected product (s) in our webshop, you will be redirected to the PayPal page in the final phase of payment, where you have two options:

  1. If you already have a PayPal account, you just need to sign in with your PayPal username (this is your email address) and password, then review your payment details and confirm it.
  2. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, there are two options:
  1. You create one. When creating a PayPal account, you will need to provide your embossed credit card information in addition to some basic information. If you are wondering how to create a PayPal account, please visit
  2. If you do not want to create such an account, you can easily pay by credit card via PayPal. In such cases, PayPal acts as an intermediary guarantor in the transaction.

When setting up a PayPal account, you can safely enter your credit card information, since PayPal will only charge your credit card bill if your PayPal balance does not cover the payment for the desired service.

Locking is a pending charge or hold on your account, but does not represent an actual charge.

In case of credit cards these are usually listed as ‘pending charges’.

Unblocking may appear on your credit card statement as a refund, or it may be completely cleared from your account.

It may take up to 7 business days (or more depending on your bank) for invalidation to appear.

A lock on your credit card or PayPal account is required to ensure that your account is valid and that your booking request can be charged to your booking amount.

You will not be charged until your host has accepted the booking request. If your reservation request is canceled, rejected, or expires, the lock will become invalid and the amount, including service charges, will be released to your account according to your payment method.

When you place your order, the amount will not be actually deducted, we just check that your card has sufficient funds. If there is, an order can be placed. The actual deduction is only made when the order is processed, i.e. when the invoice is issued.

Sometimes it can take a few days between placing and processing your order. The amount of your order can only be blocked for 30 days maximum, on your account).

If you have any problems with this, please contact your bank.