Since we opened the store, our mission has been to introduce the local artists and designers living here to our visitors – mostly foreigners, so 99% of the store’s range of products have been made locally and consists of handmade products and this is also an important guideline for the future.

We are continually looking for artists, workshops, manufacturers and producers living here who would take a chance in introducing themselves either in the shop or online.

The range of products is very diverse: fine art, digital and handmade graphics, ceramics, glassware, jewellery, fashion and home accessories are available from us, but we also have local producers, manufacturers of sweets, spices, honey … We would like to receive applicants from these areas.

Two things are already worth knowing in advance:

The product can only be put in the store after being checked by the creatives of the shop. It is important for us that the product you want to appear with is fresh in its concept and message, offers an exciting approach, and is ready for sale in the sense that you have to take care of its packaging, the price you choose, and the description that comes with it.

The other important information is that we sell on a commission basis and you need to be able to give an invoice.

If you feel the moment has come so that the general public can not only see but also buy the works you have designed, and you feel you could work with us, contact us on the store’s Facebook page or write to us at info (at) szimpladesign (dot) com mail address.